Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sick of the NFL Draft

Anyone else other than me ready for this draft to be over??? I mean why doesn't the baseball draft get any hype?? ~ Tweet from Carmen Rupp, catcher in the Phillies organization

Why, yes, Mr. Rupp. I've been ready for them to stop talking about the NFL draft. I'm tired of hearing about Johnny Football. In fact, I have the TV muted right now so I don't have to listen to the rap mix extolling what a fantastic superhero he is. This bit of tripe is part of the filler between games of the SEC softball tournament, which is one heck of a lot more entertaining. The next game can't start soon enough.

In fact, I'm pretty sick of hearing about the guy because he's beginning to remind me of Ryan Leaf or any of the recent USC quarterback flops.

I'm sick of hearing about a South Carolina linebacker who looked liked like crap in his opening game last year, apparently because he hadn't bothered to get into shape. Basically, you have another defense that funnels plays to this guy, sort of like Notre Dame did for a certain linebacker that got humiliated in the BCS Championship game.

Or maybe he's more like Brian Bosworth whose NFL career pretty much went in the dumpster when Bo Jackson ran through him for a touchdown in Jackson's first NFL appearance.

I am sick of mock drafts which seem to contradict one another until the last day or two when suddenly they all agree.

I'm tired of opening up the sports section in the local paper only to see speculations about where this or that Alabama, Auburn, Troy, Alabama State, or whatever state school hotshot is going to be drafted.

While I'm on the subject of the NFL, I'm pretty fed up with owners who think they know more than the football people they hired to make picks.

I'm downright ill with teams that don't really bother to improve themselves because they've already turned a profit from TV money.

I didn't watch a single NFL game last year (Super Bowl included) because the NFL is a crashing bore. The draft is a sad attempt to use the popularity of college football to somehow show that the NFL will be more interesting this year.

Yeah, yeah, the ratings for NFL games are through the roof (I guess; I haven't checked, but the networks sure pay them enough). Take away gambling and the NFL would have a viewer rating lower than NASCAR.

I guess the draft is on tonight and tomorrow. It would be so nice if that was the end of it. Unfortunately, after the self-celebratory orgy that the draft presentation has become, Mr. Rupp and I will be assaulted by the post-draft analyses that will fill up the sports pages and sports web sites. Fortunately, I can skip those and just check on the baseball scores and follow the softball league and national championships.

In fact, one great thing about listening to softball is the fact that there's no real “next step.” Oh, there's a pro league, and there's international play, but for the vast majority of these players, this is it. So, we don't have to hear the announcers constantly talking about how these players will do on the “next level” as they do for football, basketball, and even baseball.

So, for those who must, go watch your NFL draft. I'll be watching actual sports.

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