Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stupidity Abounds - Updated

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. ~ Albert Einstein

[April 14 Update: I hate it when someone says it better than I do. Jason Whitlock's column puts the whole thing into its proper perspective.]

Sometimes people are so stupid ...


Thanks, Ed.

Don Imus is stupid.

He can apologize and talk about how he's doing comedy, but he wasn't funny when he was in Cleveland, Ohio 30 years ago, and he isn't funny now. How he can claim calling the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy headed ho's" was supposed to be comical is beyond me. Is he trying to be "cool"? Doesn't he know that "ho" means "whore"? Is he THAT stupid?

Al Sharpton is stupid.

It must be hell to fall out of the limelight. Inviting Imus onto his own show is nothing more than hyping both of them. The saddest part is that, thanks to his playing up of idiot Imus' remark, he just keeps magnifying the pain of the Rutgers women.

Paul Finebaum is stupid.

Paul Finebaum is host of what is supposedly a sports talk show on a sports talk radio station in Birmingham. He evidently has devoted most, if not all, of the last two days beating this subject to death. I've only heard about three minutes, but his introductory comments to an interview took the cake. He was interviewing a woman who edits a magazine of some sort and, in raising the racist issue, implied that all Southerners, particularly those in Birmingham are mostly racists and bigots.

Mr. Finebaum, for your information, Mr. Imus was tossing off his comments in New Yawk City, not Slapout, Alabama. It probably has escaped your notice, but Bull Connor is gone, and Birmingham has had black mayors for over 20 years. Not all Southerners are racists, just as not all Northerners are impolite SOB's (although the SOB to polite ratio is probably worse than the Southern racist to non-racist ratio).

The woman he was interviewing was stupid.

She called herself "a woman of color." When did that come back into fashion? What's the matter, lady, not proud of your African or Hispanic heritage? "People of color" always reminds me of a Bloom County strip where Steve Dallas' mother comments on a cute little "colored girl." Steve (whose brain had been zworfed by aliens at the time) is aghast. She reminds him of the "National Associated for the Advancement of Colored People" and says, "I don't think Negroes mind at all." Steve finally tells here that this is 1988 (that's 20 years ago, madam), and the correct term is "People of color." "People of color," she repeats, then says, "Colored people."

Reuters is stupid.

As if Imus' statement wasn't bad enough, Reuters felt the need to explain it, since it was "so racist it has mostly fallen out of modern American usage." Lawsey.

Black comics are stupid.

Some time ago, I heard Martin Lawrence doing an intro for the "Kings of Comedy." It was a disgustingly racist opening monologue. I never heard anyone get upset about it. It seems to be okay for the black comedians to use racist epithets and to spew out vulgarities about women. Oh, Bill Cosby has gotten upset about it, but all that's done is get black people mad at him.

Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor did a sketch in 1975 on the first season of Saturday Night Live that probably wouldn't air today. It's one of the funniest comedy sketches I've ever seen, as well as one of the most insightful. Chase is a personnel interviewer, and Pryor is an applicant for a job, Mr. Wilson. They do a word association test. The entire transcript (and it's not very long) is here. It's the climax of the bit that I always remember.

The word association starts innocently enough, but Chase starts using racist terms for blacks, to which Pryor replies with racist terms for whites. It builds to this:

Chase: (getting aggressive) Jungle bunny!
Pryor: (getting angry) Honky!
Chase: Spade!
Pryor: Honky Honky!
Chase: Nigger!
Pryor: Dead Honky!
Chase: Okay, Mr. Wilson, I think you're qualified for this job. How about a starting salary of $5,000? [Remember, this is 1975]
Pryor: Your momma!
Chase: Uh, $7,500?
Pryor: Your grandmomma!
Chase: $15,000, Mr. Wilson. You'll be the highest paid janitor in America. Just, don't, don't hurt me, please.
Pryor: (cordially) Okay.

Now, that's funny.

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